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Crossover Community Church

7809 North Orleans Ave
Tampa Florida 33604
Office: (813) 935-8887
Fax: (813) 935-0535
Concert: (813) 933-5319
Many people will hear the phrase “Hip-Hop Church” and immediately have a lot of questions.  If you are reading this magazine, many of you have probably attended a service and had a great time where you saw that church could be relevant, engaging, and real.  At the same time, you may still have some questions about the details of what we believe.  You may think it’s all too good to be true.  You may also be a parent reading this whose child or teenager recently attended Crossover and brought this magazine home.  You’re probably wondering what this “Hip-Hop Church” is all about.  Nothing at Crossover is traditional…that’s quite obvious.  However, everything we believe and practice in our services is Biblical.  There is a big difference. 

    The “church” [as a whole] has gotten the two a little mixed up.  Jesus was not a traditional guy!  As a matter of fact, he was constantly in conflict with the religious leaders of His day because He kept challenging them.  They tried to look “all good” on the outside, but on the inside they were “rotten”.  Jesus is not so concerned with how we look on the outside, or how we dress when we come to His house, (they didn’t have suits and ties in His day), as long as it’s modest.  He’s not concerned about the music we play, or the style we choose to worship Him with, as long as the lyrics are clean and glorify Him.  Jesus wants our hearts to be pure!  At Crossover, we will consistently change our presentation to stay relevant with the culture, but our message and what we believe will never change. 

Christian Wrestling Federation


Exciting Church and area wide wrestling events
- Cross Denominational
- Growing God's Kingdom
- Energize and Revitalize your church and staff
- Public and Private School Assemblies

Over 250 events in 6 years and over 6,000 people giving their lives to Christ. God has blessed our team with a ministry that is focused on seeing people give their hearts to Christ.

Illusionist BROCK+Gill Creative Evangelism For This Postmodern Generation

Brock Gill is one of the most dynamic communicators of the Good News today. Using illusion, music, and core sports to attract students, he mobilizes churches in a community to not only present the message of Christ, but to actively disciple those who respond. We are proud to recommend Brock and any organization that encourages anyone with a passion to reach young people. Please, Take advantage of his ministry that is associated with the Luis Palau Evangelistic Association!

Pastors in Pain

There is a huge number of pastors and leaders leaving the ministry each year. This exodus results often from some form of forced termination.

This site addresses this problem and poses solutions to an issue that is having a huge impact on the church and its leadership.

It is time that the body of Christ makes a concerted effort to reach out to injured and hurting ministers who have given their best for our Savior. Too many ministers that leave a ministry simply disappear, are forgotten and live in loneliness. Doesn't this sound contrary to our great God and the fact that He lives within His people. These injured men and women of God deserve our best efforts in searching them out, restoring their dignity and showing God's love for their lives.

To bring healing and renewal to one shepherd may have a domino effect upon an entire congregation. Pastors are honorable gifts placed in our lives for the benefit of the Kingdom of God . We need each and every one of them. Helping shepherds get back on the road to recovery is one of the best and fastest means to bring revival in our world.

Orphans First

There are 300-400 million child-slaves in the world; millions of war-victim children; and starving, sick, abused and abandoned little victims everywhere!

Through ORPHANS FIRST, we can change children's lives;one by one!

ORPHANS FIRST is a ministry expressing God's heart to hurting children

ORPHANS FIRST are changing children's lives through Christ.

- Their vision: to help suffering children everywhere, by God's grace.
- Their goal: to partner with the local church to help hurting children.
- Their policy: to nurture children in the Lord through a family atmosphere.


Have you ever wanted to support a hungry and needy child like you see on television but could not because:

* You didn't have confidence that your support would get to where it was supposed to or
* You wanted to feed them spiritually as well as physically.

Well we have some good news for you:

*You can help children like these get the food, education and medical attention that they deserve.
* Our orphaned, abandoned and destitute children are all ministered to thru a local church and
* They receive nutritious food, basic medical care, Bible lessons and learn songs, scripture and attend church.
* They write letters to you most every month acknowledging your help and telling you about their lives and best of all
* You can go and visit your child on one of our Visionary Trips.

Final Frontiers Foundation, Inc.

Final Frontiers Foundation, Inc., whose effective purpose is to take the Gospel to the more than 3 billion souls who have never before heard the message of the Good News. Currently they are ministering in more than seventy-three countries on five continents. These are countries and peoples primarily closed to traditional missionary outreach, but open to us because of our unique method of missions.

RMCM Ministries

Center for Counseling & Education is proud to be affiliated with the National Christian Counselor's Association (NCCA). RMCM Ministries is a Certified Academic Institution (CAI) for the National Christian Counselor's Association. This Association is an educational and training organization for Christian counselors and includes ministers, professional Christian counselors, church leadership, testing specialists, medical doctors, attorneys and educators.

Freeman Institute®


Joel A. Freeman, Ph.D., President/CEO, Freeman Institute®
"Dealing With People Who Drive You Crazy!"®
Box 305, Gambrills, MD 21054



ARENAS OF EXPERTISE: Staff Development, Cultural Diversity, Leadership, Customer Service, Team Building, Conflict Resolution, Anger Management, Entrepreneurship, Core Values, Black History, Stress Management, Problem Solving, Organizational Culture Change, Code Of Conduct, Family Business Issues, Change Management, Mentoring, Executive Coaching, Critical Incident Debriefing... -- Freeman's New Book -- Freeman Institute -- TFI Online Store -- Critical Incident Debriefing --Black History Presentation -- Black History collection -- Return To Glory -- "Diversity: The Value of Mutual Respect" -- "When Strangling Someone Isn't An Option!" -- Freeman's Bio



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"The Young Adult Crisis Hotline offers immediate emotional support by telephone volunteers trained to help young adults who may be having relational problems, addictions, have a eating disorder, are suicidal, in emotional distress, or in need of reassurance. Services are free, confidential, and anonymous."

The Young Adult Crisis Hotline and Biblical Counseling Center is available to offer encouragement to you in the midst of your crisis by Pastor Teddy Awad.

1- 877-702-2GOD

Pastor Teddy Awad, CMHP

Young Adult Crisis Hotline and Biblical Counseling Center

All contact information will be kept confidential and will not be shared for your own privacy.

The Baptist Top 1000

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The Young Adult Crisis Hotline and Biblical Counseling Center

Required Waiver and Release of Liability must be read and acknowledged at time of initial Crisis Hotline Correspondence(Press Here to read before you call).

The Young Adult Crisis Hotline and Biblical Counseling Center are Affiliate with TOPEC (Total Personal Care Missions International, Inc.) an Internationally recognized nonprofit that is registered in New Jersey as a  (501(c)3)  with the Internal Revenue service with corporation number 0100490873 and can receive donations that are Tax-deductible to the Giver. Please refer to you accountant for further important information regarding your giving.

1 Peter 5:8-9
Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Resist him, steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same sufferings are experienced by your brotherhood in the world. [more] [subscribe via email]

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