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In Honduras with Touch a Life Feeding Center!

Please click here to watch a short uplifting video of my recent Honduras Visionary Trip with Touch A Life!

Final Frontiers Progress Report - Click to Download


For over past several years, I have been working with several Christian organizations and non-profits in order to network and to develop relationships.  I currently have been working with the Finial Frontiers Foundation at link .  Final Frontiers Foundation, Inc., whose effective purpose is to take the Gospel to the more than 3 billion souls who have never before heard the message of the Good News.  Currently they are ministering in more than seventy-three countries on five continents.  These are countries and peoples primarily closed to traditional missionary outreach, but open to us because of our unique method of missions.


They believe that the training and subsidizing of national preachers is the most efficient and effective method of global evangelism.  Thus, they seek to raise prayer and financial support from believers in America, for God's servants abroad, who are actively involved in church planning and discipleship.  All those subsidized thru this foundation are involved in church planting.  Their various outreach ministries include Bible translation, radio broadcasting, camps, Bible schools, outdoor and film evangelism, educational and health programs, blind and leper ministries, orphan centers and refugee ministries.  You can download their online brochure provides a brief overview of Final Frontiers Foundation.  To view it please click on the link below:



Last January, I traveled with the founder of Finial Frontiers Foundation Jon Nelms and his son Daniel to the Dominican Republic.  We planed to visit Haiti, but because of instability were not able to make that trip to visit churches in that region.  We did however visit several churches in the Dominican Republic and did a very successful outreach event.  We had over six hundred first time visitors to this local church by giving hotdogs to first time visitors.  We cooked and served them in about two hours and preached the Gospel message to them.    


They live in bateyes, which describes as a community which population works mainly in duties, at the sugar cane field as well as in factories, linked to the sugar cane sown and sugar manufacturing.


Batey is born with the sugar mill.  The mill owners, in the mill ground, to lodge their workers build their housing and infrastructure.  Traditionally, these workers and their families had depended on the plantation almost totally.  The mill provided precarious health services, education, drinking water, electricity, supplies sales, etc.  This dependence still exists in a big measure, even though in many bateyes the sugar mill workers do not integrate the majority of the population anymore.


One of the characteristics of the agricultural bateyes majority is the ethnic composition of its inhabitants, because high proportions of those is origin or have Haitian ascendancy.  It is important to point out that a high percentage of the families in indigent conditions in the country are located in zones where the sugar cane is produce.  Typically, the human settlements known by the name of bateyes are places where the poverty reaches extreme levels.


This below is taken from the Final Frontier's Progress report:

By Jon Nelms

I despise poverty. I loathe it. To me, poverty is nothing more than a physical manifestation of the spiritual condition of man. And just as we believe some choose to live in poverty for whatever reason, many choose to live without God for reasons known only to them and God Himself. However, just as most would gladly move from poverty to affluence given the chance, so most will gladly forsake life without God to achieve His salvation, if given the chance.

Last January Daniel and I and a friend, Teddy Awad, were in the Dominican Republic. While there visiting a missionary, we went to a village where he had started a church among the Haitian refugees. These people were poor. Many of the children had no clothing to wear and would try to cover their nakedness by smearing dirt and mud over themselves. I noticed one group of curious boys standing by and realized that only one of them even had a shirt to wear.

Their houses, those who had one, were made from latticed sticks covered with mud. The roofs were fashioned from old palm branches and dried sugar cane stalks that had somehow been missed by the harvesters. Each one seemed to lean precariously to one side as if it would collapse at any moment. Some had fence posts outside on which they would hang their clothes to dry after washing them in dirty water with no soap.

We spent hours there walking through the village, playing with the children, talking with the adults and drinking the water from coconuts they had climbed trees to  harvest for us. Everyone was curious and friendly; amazed that “rich” people would spend time with them.

Later that evening, Teddy had arranged to have a meal of hot dogs for all the children at the church. Now you need to understand that this little church ran about 100 or less on Sunday. That night, nearly 700 children and parents came to eat and heard the Gospel. For most of them, it was the first time they had ever come to the church. I cannot begin to imagine the impact that service made for the Gospel in that community. The missionary was delighted. The reality is, when you show grace and mercy to those in need, you open their hearts to receive your message of salvation. Most truly poor people will never receive a hand up or a hand out. They will scratch through life on crumbs and be beaten, cursed, ignored, shunned and raped. No one is going to help them, respect them and certainly not love them.

Jon Nelms

Final Frontiers


I recently worked with Luis Palau who has a worldwide ministry that does very interesting and hip festivals in major cities around the world he gets hundreds of thousands out and preaches the wonderful Gospel.  To find out more about the Luis Palau association please click the following link .


I traveled this month to Orlando, Florida to volunteer in the festival office for about fifteen days to help them prepare.  It was very enjoyable and a fantastic experience to see this event put together and reach thousand of people with the Gospel.  I learned a lot about the working with several diverse Christian groups who laid aside their doctrinal differences for the purpose of the Gospel.  This was a great experience and I plan to take part in others in the future. 


This was One of the largest Christian outreach celebrations ever presented in Central Florida wrapped Sunday, April 2nd, at Orlando's Citrus Bowl grounds after two days of "great music and Good News" from world evangelist Luis Palau and some of Christian music's top artists.


Presented in cooperation with over 650 area churches, dozens of business supporters and thousands of volunteers, the Festival drew tens of thousands of attendees from across the southern states and around the country.  A full calendar of events preceded the weekend, highlighted by gatherings for women, business and civic leaders, seniors and the Hispanic community.


The Luis Palau Festival format that has filled beaches, parks and plazas around the world combined multiple presentations of the Gospel with the Livin It Action Sports demos, kids play areas, an interactive sports zone, custom car and motorcycle show, and community service projects ranging from neighborhood fix-up to food drives.  For the first time, the Palau team added two new elements: a motocross exhibition featuring high-flying motorcycle stunts and a Latino-themed area called Viva Orlando!  In each area of the festival, a Gospel message was shared with the audience. This is the website for Livin It Action Sports


"It was a glorious weekend with Orlando providing a great welcome and exceptional weather," said Luis Palau.  "With the city's rich diversity and tremendous church community, we were able to share the Good News with tens of thousands of people across ethnic, economic and denominational lines."


Main stage artists included CeCe Winans, tobyMac, Delirious, Point of Grace, Salvador, Kutless, and Disciple.  The Livin It Action Sports compound show cased performances by the King of Kings skateboard ministry, Chaos on Wheels BMX riders, and Riders for Christ motocross athletes.  Celebrities from sports and entertainment gave their personal testimonies, including Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy, Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard, Tampa Bay Bucs standout Sheldon Quarles, and actor/filmmaker Stephen Baldwin.


Luis Palau has shared the Good News of Jesus Christ in 70 countries face-to-face to over 21 million people.  He has written close to 50 books on matters of faith, and his radio broadcasts in both English and Spanish are heard on over 2100 radio stations in 42 countries.  His ministry will be releasing a radio special - Livin It: Unusual Suspects - based on the acclaimed television documentary, which aired in December of 2005. 


To see pictures of the Orlando Festival and catch the vision please click the below links for video clips:



Personally I am in a wonderful place of transition, working to educate myself and expand my coasts with a variety of opportunities until I can find something that I really want to make a commitment to for long-term.  It was great to see how other large ministries work and see the background of the work, which I am very interested in their heart for young adults and the vision they have for primarily evangelism. 


I look forward to keeping in touch with those who have shared their vision and their recourses with our organization.  If you are interested in contributing a small donation to helping us build an outpost of hope to this “Invisible Generation” of young Adults please follow this following link   All donations are tax deductible and a receipt will be sent to you for your gift.  Thank you again for assisting us in furthering our vision to “Taking the Word of God to the World.” 


In His Grace Forever,

Pastor Teddy Awad


Young Adult Crisis Hotline and

Biblical Counseling Center


Thank you, for taking part of the vision and supporting the Young Adult Crisis Hotline and Biblical Counseling Center.  I will continually keep you updated on a regular basis and if you are interested in receiving these newsletters please send me an email at .  Also, if you are not interested in receiving any further newsletters ministry updates please reply to  and please place unsubscribe in the subject line of the email. Thank you for taking your time to read and pray for our vision.


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